Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear Family,

It is cool in Phoenix today. The summer has come and almost gone.
It has been a busy one. We feel like our lives took a noose dive the
past few weeks. My cell phone had to be replaced, the computer &
printer died, I lost my wallet and phone book, and the phone line into
the house sputtered with static. I had to get a new temple recommend
and all new identification cards. Thank goodness I had taken my
drivers license and credit card out. Grandson Broderick Gardner worked
over the computer adding a new word processor to learn, and we bought
a new computerized printer. We invested in new phones, but they are
nothing but more computers.
Thank goodness for the temple. One sweet visit with our new
bishop, and the stake president, as he was leaving town, and we could
go to the temple and celebrate our 62nd wedding anniversary Sep. 5th.
The night before we went out to dinner and went to the Phoenix Art
Museum, returned home for a swim, and movie. Life should be great,
We have had a wonderful year. Since July 1st last year we have
added a dozen new great grand babies with four more expected this
year. John and Diane's daughter Jennifer was married Dec. 19th to
Nathan Hales in the Mesa Temple. All was beautiful.
My whole dream of the past year was to attend the Draper Temple
dedication. Tickets were not available but thanks to grandson John A
Broderick, we were in Utah for his wedding to Bre Paulson in the Timp
Temple in April. We were able to squeeze in a trip to the Draper
temple with Julie, Sarah, Jane and a host of our Howlett family. It
was a thrill. Then with the Howlett & Smith reunion in June we were
back in Utah. Bryce came down from Alaska, along with Mary and James
we joined a large group of Howletts at the Draper Temple the morning
of our Smith Family reunion. What a thrill that week was. Being with
so many Howlett family members in the new temple was a dream come
true. We just knew Mother and Dad were with us. We stayed with cousin
Alona Holms and she took us to the open house of the Oquirrh Mountain
temple. Oh so beautiful!
Back home we prepared for another wedding of grand daughter,
Brittany Connell to David Pearce in the Mesa Temple. Becky spent a
week here after to prepare for our own family reunion in the mountains
above Cedar City, Utah. It was a lot of work planning the food and
activities, for some eighty of us, but it turned out to be wonderful
with everyone helping in the kitchen, playing games, hiking, square
dancing, (with a caller), games in the cool pines, our own church
testimony meeting, all in view of Cedar Brakes.
The rest of the summer was hot, but we enjoyed the pool every
day. Jane helped Rachel and Jeremy with the move to Phoenix so Jeremy
could attend Thunderbird International School of Business. “If you
can't get a job, go back to school,” but with three children? Jane
hates the heat, but is really helping with the children and we have
enjoy them too. For Labor Day we invited all that could of the family
to come for a swim and BarBeQue. It was fun. There were thirty two
here. All of Verena and Rob's, Andrew and Glory, Leslie and Jacob,
Rachel and Jeremy and their three kids and Jane. Some of John and
Diane's children arrived, what fun we had.
Health wise we are doing ok. We have been to the doctor and
dentist this week. We are still on the go, not falling all the way
apart. We enjoyed a visit from Dennis and Janet last week and they
helped us prepare the soil for our “Square Foot Garden.” James and
Mary have helped us prepare the 4' by 4' box raised up where I can
garden it my self. It is planted and already coming up. Come and see!
We are into fall activities now, the time to update the address
book and be ready to welcome the new crop of babies coming. Julie
tells me they leave in a week for Washington state to welcome Natalie
and Cameron's first addition. I called to Colorado for new addresses
and talked to Meesa. She has just a week before her baby. We have lost
track of Adam and Becki. They are expecting sometime in November.
(Still haven't found their address.) Marjorie and Keith will welcome
their first baby this fall as well. She plans to name her daughter,
Ada. We are pleased. By the end of the year we will have more great
grandchildren than grandchildren.
We would like to report on our missionary, Garrit Gardner. He
has been in Greece over a year now and is really enjoying his mission.
Contact Rachel and Jay to have them send you his email. He is really
working hard and loving it.
Try to remember that we are eager to keep in touch and welcome
any letters. We love hearing from any of you and love a visit in
person any time. We need new pictures ,especially the babies born this
past year. We have started a new book of great grandchildren. Please
send us a 4 X 6 that fits perfect into our book.
We love you all and pray for each of you. We hope you are
praying for us. We hope to stay around a while.

Love Grandma and Grandpa